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Dermatology is the medical field dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. At Dr Fathi Emara PolyClinic qualified specialist dermatologist who is adept at treating diseases which affect the skin. Our specialist isone of  the top-rated doctors in the region.

Some of the more common skin conditions that people are faced with include:


Acne: It is important to seek treatment for yourself or your teen, as there are many options available to reduce the embarrassment and scarring associated with acne.


Dermatitis: Dermatitis is a general term that describes an inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis can have many causes and occurs in many forms. It usually involves an itchy rash on swollen, reddened skin.


Melasma: Melasma is a result of the body’s production of an excess amount of melanin, which produces pigment in the skin, resulting in brown spots, freckles or darkened patches.


Eczema: The term Eczema is used to describe many red, blistering, oozing, scaly, brownish, thickened and itching skin conditions. It usually presents with an almost unbearable itching that can become severe at night.


Psoriasis: Psoriasis is not always persistent and may go through periods of improvement or worsening. Topical treatment, light therapy and/or oral or injectable medications may be used to control the psoriasis.


Fungal infections: Fungal infections, or mycoses, are caused by fungi. Many are mild and easy to treat, but others are very serious.

Warts: Warts are benign (not cancerous) skin growths that appear when a virus infects the top layer of the skin.


Cold sores: A virus called herpes simplex can cause blisters called cold sores. Treatment is available to control outbreaks and prevent the spread of the infection.


Skin cancer: Sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin cancers, and any growth, mole, sore or skin discoloration that appears suddenly, or begins to change in appearance, needs to be evaluated by a dermatologist.

Aesthetic Services

Laser Hair Removal

You are not alone in your struggle of having a well groomed hairless body, getting rid of unwanted body hair has always been one of the biggest challenges faced by millions of women worldwide. The traditional method like shaving, threading, tweezing, waxing and use of hair removal creams offer a temporary solution but the hair are soon back and the method are painful and messy. The only way to permanently get rid of body hair is by Laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal:

During the process of laser hair removal the hair follicles are targeted with an intense light or laser which is absorbed by the hair follicle. This absorption of light generates heat and the hair follicle is permanently destroyed. Using this technique hair from all areas of body can be effectively and permanently removed.

It takes a few sessions to be completely hair free because not all hair follicles are active simultaneously. After a few sessions it is possible to be permanently hair free. The procedure of laser hair removal is very clean and there is minimal discomfort.  Specific lasers are developed for different skin types to provide maximum results.

If you do not want to go through the torture of waxing, are sick of having skin irritation and the mess made by hair removal creams makes you nauseous, laser hair removal is the ideal choice for you. You can contact us in full confidence for a consultation and planning for further treatment. We offer the best laser hair removal services in Dubai at affordable rates and great results.

How Laser Hair Removal Works:

Laser hair removal is the answer to all body hair problems. It can be done at any area of the body and is equally effective for men and women. The best candidates are with darker hair because they contain melanin which absorbs the laser.

During the procedure the area to be treated is covered with a gel and then targeted with special type of laser that is suitable for the skin and hair type. The whole process takes around half an hour to forty minutes depending on the size of that area. There is minimal discomfort and it is an extremely safe procedure when performed by the trained staff.

Our highly trained and extremely competent staff members have performed hundreds of these procedures with the help of our latest and most modern laser machines. We offer guaranteed results in a safe and discreet environment without compromising on your dignity.

There are generally no side effects of this procedure however every individual is different and some people can have redness and swelling of the skin which gets better by itself.

We can help you to have smooth silky skin without any hassle and you can contact us in full confidence.


Wrinkles are usually the first sign of ageing. They can be in the form of small creases around the eyes or corners of mouth or deep furrows on the forehead. With advancing age and the damaging effects of sunlight, gravity and loss of supporting tissue under the skin, these lines start to form and get more and more prominent with time. The good news is they can be very effectively treated with the help of botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is one the most widely known and practiced cosmetic procedure. It is a small injection given in the muscles under the skin to relax them.  This results in a smooth, crease free skin on top of these muscles. The most commonly and effectively treated areas are the forehead and around the eyes. This is a minimally invasive procedure and is extremely effective to treat fine lines and wrinkles when done by an expert.

Why Botox?

Botox is a safe, short and minimally invasive procedure that can produce dramatic results in very short time. The results last for a few months and then touch ups are required.

It must be performed by a properly trained and skilled person for best results and to avoid any complications. Our exceptionally skilled and highly trained Dermatologist performs these regularly with amazing results.

You can turn the clock back and regain your smooth crease free skin with the help of these small injections at our state of the art polyclinic.

As with any treatment, there can be some side effects of Botox injections or fillers but the incidence of these is extremely rare and almost negligible when these are performed by properly trained and skilled personnel.

Before getting any cosmetic procedure done it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you are in safe hands. We make sure that all your needs are catered in a professional way. Our highly trained and experienced Dermatologist is the finest in Dubai and UAE and have performed hundreds of these procedures with excellent results.


Acne Scar Treatment

Gone are the days when the only option for acne scars was to bear them and get on with life. With latest advances in cosmetic procedures there are a lot of ways these scars can be effectively treated. We offer the best acne scar treatment based on your skin type and the nature of your scars.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems around the globe. There are very few people who haven’t experienced it at some point of their lives. Most of the times acne heals without leaving any scars but sometimes, when it is severe and not treated properly it can leave dark spots and marks which can be bothersome.

Acne Scar Treatment Options:

The treatment of acne scars depends upon the nature of the scars and the skin type. The scars can be just superficial dark spots or deep pits. The best thing is to consult a cosmetic dermatologist for an evaluation so a treatment plan can be devised.

The most common treatment options include:

  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Collagen Fillers

These procedures can be done in a combination for maximum results. The treatment may require a few sessions before the results get visibly noticeable and the duration can be long, however the end results are generally fantastic if the right treatment is selected and performed by experienced cosmetic dermatologists.

We offer acne scar treatment with guaranteed results. Our highly qualified and experienced dermatologist is amongst the finest in Dubai and has treated a lot of people with great results and very high satisfaction rate.


Sometimes it is necessary to treat active acne first before treating the scars; some blood tests may be required to identify the root cause of acne and proper management of the condition. The whole process requires patience and we make sure that you get our full support during this stressful time.

Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scar Treatment:

The development of sophisticated and special Lasers has revolutionized the way acne scars are treated. With the help of these lasers the skin can be re surfaced. The top most layer of the skin is peeled off and the new skin that takes it place is fresh, smooth and healthy.

The process also stimulates the process of collagen formation which is a necessary for flawless skin. The process is associated with minimal discomfort and complete healing can take up to a few weeks. Immediately after laser treatment the skin can be a little red or pink and there can be scab formation. After some time the new and nascent skin becomes visible which is free of scars.

Ideally a few sessions are required for best results. There are various types of lasers suitable for different skin types. We are equipped with many laser machines and our dermatologist is  highly trained to deal with all type of skin problems.

If you are concerned about your acne or the presence of acne scars is making you less confidant and worried you don’t need to worry any more. Book a consultation with our highly experienced and dedicated dermatologist and let us take care of you in the best possible way.

The latest and most effective acne scar treatment in Dubai is just a phone call away.

Chemical Skin Peels

The practice of using various herbs and chemicals to remove the top most, dead layer of skin is very old. The same principle is followed in chemical skin peels where certain chemicals are applied on the face or other areas of the body to peel off the top most layer of skin to get rid of imperfections and to enhance the texture and complexion of the skin.

Chemical Skin Peels:

Our skin consists of many layers. The most superficial layer is mainly made up of dead cells and debris. When this layer becomes really thick it can make the complexion appear dull and impurities and pigments deposited in this layer can lead to the formation of spots and blemishes.

During a chemical peel certain substances are carefully applied to remove these dead cells and debris resulting in glowing and fresh skin. The process takes twenty to forty minutes and is non invasive and pain free.

There are various types of chemical skin peels suitable for different skin types. A carefully selected and expertly performed chemical peel can take years off from your face and can give you a radiant and glowing complexion.

These peels can be performed at any area of the body for example face, hands and feet to get rid of fine lines, age spots, blemishes and dark spots. The results are visible in a couple of days and are absolutely amazing.

The peels can be superficial or deep and different chemicals are used for both. The process of chemical peels is usually combined with other treatments like Botox and face lift for youthful and rejuvenated appearance. They are used to treat acne scars and fine lines as well.

We offer a wide variety of chemical skin peels and the one best suitable for you is selected based on your skin type, tone and the problem you are trying to fix. As with every cosmetic procedure the most important thing is to select the most suitable type of peel for a certain individual. This selection is done by our extremely competent cosmetic dermatologists ensuring best results.

Immediately following the skin peel the skin can be red and there can be some blistering, it is absolutely essential to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight and harsh chemicals at this time. After a week or ten days the skin starts to heal and in a couple of weeks the astonishing results are visible.

If you have uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars or blemishes and freckles you can get a skin peel to get rid of them and have even, flawless skin. Contact us for a consultation and take your first step towards healthy, glowing and radiant skin without any imperfections.

Dark Circle Treatment

It is commonly believed that the main reason for dark circle development is lack of sleep or tiredness, Though these factors can aggravate the already present dark circles, the main cause of dark circle formation is lack of blood supply to the delicate area surrounding the eyes.

Dark Circle Treatment:

Dark circles can greatly affect the appearance and can make you look tired, sometimes it is hard to conceal them with makeup and wearing sun glasses all the time is not a possibility. These panda eyes are very resistant to conventional methods of treatment.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Do not panic if you have just noticed your first wrinkles, there is no need to get stressed about fine lines and wrinkles anymore, these signs of ageing are now treatable. The main reason for fine line and wrinkles is the damage to skin. It is caused by ageing, sun light, gravity, pollutants and stress. All these factors weaken the underlying connective tissue that forms the firm base for the skin.

The skin also loses its elasticity with time, all these damaging effects result in development of fine lines and wrinkles. These can be around the eyes, on the forehead or around the mouth. There are many treatment options available to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles:


The most commonly known treatment available for wrinkles, especially crow feet and the fore head creases is Botox. This tiny injection can smooth out the skin in no time and the results are superb. These days many people are considering Botox at a younger age to treat the wrinkles as soon as they start to appear. In expert hands this procedure is extremely safe and effective. We are amongst the pioneers in providing Botox treatment in Dubai with excellent results.


Laser Photo Rejuvenation

The procedure of Laser Photo rejuvenation can give you the flawless, glowing skin which is a dream to achieve. It is very much possible to turn that dream into reality at our state of the art cosmetic surgery polyclinic.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation:

The skin loses its luster and with the passage of time enlarges pores, freckles, blemishes and wrinkles start to appear making the complexion dull and life less. With the help of laser photo rejuvenation the uneven skin tome can be corrected and it is absolutely possible to treat all these adverse effects of ageing.

The most amazing innovation in the field of cosmetic procedures is the “Laser” this brilliant tool has enabled cosmetic treatment to deliver revolutionary results and perform procedures which were never heard off in the past. Dermatologists have developed very effective treatment modalities to deal with various skin problems. Lasers can help to achieve the perfect skin devoid of any imperfections.

What causes skin damage?

Our skin is very delicate organ and it is subjected to a lot of new challenges on daily basis.

The most injurious factors are:

  • The ageing process,
  • Harsh sun light,
  • Pollution, stress and un healthy diet or lifestyle.
  • Smoking and Alcohol

The use of laser photo rejuvenation can treat the damages in a very effective way resulting in a skin you will love.  With the help of this simple, non invasive, pain free, effective and very sophisticated procedure it is possible to get rid of

  • Dark spots,
  • Age spots,
  • Freckles,
  • Blemishes,
  • Enlarged pores,
  • Acne scars
  • Fine wrinkles.

How Laser Photo rejuvenation is done?

During the process of photo rejuvenation special frequency lasers are used to create very minute and superficial wounds on skin. This leads to activation of healing process and new skin is formed which is free of all the imperfections.

In experienced hands laser photo rejuvenation is an exceptionally safe process and there are hardly any complications. Yes, there are some limitations and everyone is not a suitable candidate for this treatment. The best thing is to get expert evaluation before considering it and getting it done at a reputable cosmetic treatment facility like ours for best results. The right selection of patients and the type and frequency of laser guarantees maximum benefit.

Any area of the body can be treated by laser photo rejuvenation. It is extremely effective for erasing signs of ageing from the face, neck, décolletage, chest and hands.

One session of treatment takes around 30-40 minutes and a few sessions may be required depending upon the skin type and the problems for best results. There can be a little tingling and stinging sensation following it which gets better with time. The skin becomes very sensitive and it is essential to protect it from harsh sunlight and chemicals immediately after the procedure.

It is extremely important to select the right laser for the right individual. A correct selection of both patient and treatment is ensured by our highly trained Dermatologist. Our dedicated and our experienced cosmetic dermatologists provide unparallel laser photo rejuvenation services in Dubai.

Mesotherapy Treatment

With the passage of time our skin loses its elasticity, radiance and luster. Sun exposure, stress, pollution and ageing process leads to the formation of blemishes, age spots and wrinkles. The supportive tissue under the skin gets weak and the results are not pleasant.  With the help of Mesotherapy treatment, the skin can be rejuvenated and the imperfections can be erased.

Mesotherapy Treatment:

The saggy and creased skin results from loss of supporting connective tissue underneath it.  During the treatment process of mesotherapy , very small amounts of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants are injected under the skin with the help of very fine needles. These substances are potent anti oxidants and fight the free radicals, these also increase collagen synthesis and the results are evident in the form of revitalized and rejuvenated skin.

With this highly safe and effective treatment the skin regains its firmness and radiance. It results in marked improvement in skin texture and quality and improves complexion. The skin gets a youthful radiance and glow following a few sessions of mesotherapy.

The nutrients are injected under the skin with the help of microinjections, these are associated with very little discomfort and there is no pain. There can be some bruising and swelling following the treatment but it gets better in a couple of days.

For best results 4-6 sessions, a month apart, are recommended for best results. There are no serious side effects or complications associated with mesotherapy if the procedure is performed with expertise. We offer the best mesotherapy treatment in UAE at our state of the art facility.

Sometimes a fat dissolving substance is also added to achieve good results. The best person to decide which combination is best for you is your treating dermatologist

The procedure takes about half an hour and can be performed on face, hands, feet, chest, décolletage, and any other area of the body.

If you are worried about the condition of your skin and want to get fresh, glowing skin, we offer the best skin rejuvenation services according to your budget and requirement. All these services are offered by our highly trained cosmetic dermatologists in a professional manner.

Contact us to discuss your concerns and take the first step towards healthy, youthful, glowing skin.




Microdermabrasion is a well known procedure. This simple non-invasive cosmetic treatment is performed to scrub and remove the most superficial layer of skin which is made up of dead cells and impurities. This removal of these dead cells unveils fresh and smooth skin with a brighter, luminous complexion. This is one of the most popular treatments performed worldwide.

Our skin has multiple layers of cells, the deeper layers are formed by active cells which produce the top layers. The most superficial layer mainly consists of dead cells and debris. When the top layer of skin becomes thick it can cause a dull complexion and can lead to rough texture of the skin. Sometimes pigments get deposited in this layer resulting in the formation of freckles and blemishes.

Microdermabrasion can solve these problems and can result in beautiful glowing skin.



This treatment is suitable for all skin types and age groups and provides instant results. It is very fast, non invasive and absolutely pain free. It is an ideal choice for both men and women looking for improvement in their skin. The most commonly treated areas are face, neck, chest, décolletage and back.

Microdermabrasion is performed with a special machine and a diamond tip or very fine crystals are used.  Best results can be achieved if the procedure is combined with other treatments like vitamin serums and specialized facials. Topical treatments work best after microdermabrasion because removal of the dead cells from skin surface enhances penetration of active ingredients.

The process to treat the face takes 30-35 minutes and monthly treatment sessions are recommended to maintain the results. It is very effective to treat mild acne scars and superficial areas of increased pigmentation. There are no complications associated with this procedure.


When Microdermabrasion is the Best Choice:

Microdermabrasion is the best solution for following skin problems:

  • Dull complexion and rough skin texture
  • Age spots, freckles or blemishes
  • Mild acne scars
  • Very fine wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damaged skin

Our highly skilled aesthetic practitioners perform microdermabrasion with amazing results and our satisfied clients are a proof for that.

Sometimes it is combined with other cosmetic procedures of skin rejuvenation such as lasers and chemical peels to achieve the perfect skin.

Contact us for the best microdermabrasion services offered in Dubai and see your skin transform.

Scar Treatment

There can be a lot of reasons for scars. They remain as a reminder of some sort of trauma which can be an accidents or surgery. Burns, acne, chicken pox and other skin problems can lead to scarring as well. Some people get more scarred due to genetic preponderance.

There can be serious emotional and psychological issues related to the presence of scars. This can lead to significant distress and lack of self esteem. With the development of latest and sophisticated techniques it is possible to make the scars less visible and sometimes completely go away. Depending upon the nature of the scar the treatments options can be decided.

Sometimes a single treatment is sufficient and in some cases a combination of various techniques or multiple sittings are recommended.

Which Scars are Treatable?

With the latest advances in cosmetic surgery techniques and the development of high end equipment, it is possible to treat nearly every type of scar. Various methods of scar removal are offered at our facility by highly trained cosmetic surgeons and we can deal with all types of scars.


How Scars are treated:

The treatment of scars depends upon various factors like site, size and depth of them. Most of the scars are treatable regardless of the cause. Some scars can be completely erased using non invasive methods and a few larger ones require surgical intervention.

Most commonly treated scars by non surgical methods are acne scars. The most practiced method is the use of specially designed lasers. Different lasers are needed to treat different type of scars and there is no single laser that can treat every kind of scar.  We have a variety of lasers to treat various scars and different skin types. Our highly trained and skill dermatologist offer the best solution for scar removal based on individual needs.

These highly specialized lasers can work wonders in treating different types of scars. With the help of these latest lasers it is possible to get rid of scars without any kind of surgical intervention. Lasers offer a pain free and fast solution. No anesthesia is needed and the results are very good after a couple of sessions. Additional sessions may be required to completely erase the scars.

If you or any loved one is troubled by a scar anywhere on the body, you can contact us in full confidence for a detailed evaluation. We offer all kinds of scar treatments under a single roof by the most competent cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.


Rosacea Treatment

The exact causes of rosacea are not clear. It results in redness of face and nose in particular and is very easily noticed in fair skinned individuals. In people having rosacea, the small blood vessels under the skin get dilated due to many triggers and that expansion of blood vessels leads to a flushed appearance and red face. This redness is triggered by aggravating factors like alcohol, spicy food, sun light exposure and sudden changes in temperature.

In the past it was considered impossible to treat rosacea. The only option was prevention and trigger control. These days Laser is considered the treatment of choice to treat this condition with very high success rates and no complications or side effects.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is characterized by areas of redness around the face. There can be redness on cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. The affected areas can develop tiny pimples or bumps as well and it can be associated with redness and dryness of the eyes.

These areas of increased redness on the face can be stressful and can lead to lack of confidence and psychological distress. There are a number of laser treatments available at our polyclinic to deal with these red spots on the face.

Laser for Rosacea Treatment:

The development of lasers has made it possible to treat rosacea. During this treatment the light source targets the tiny blood vessels. These vessels disintegrate and shrink in size; it leads to a permanent decrease in redness and rosacea.  This latest, high-tech, painless and non invasive method is the treatment of choice for rosacea.

The procedure to treat rosacea is non invasive and is associated with minimal discomfort. The chances of complications or side effects are extremely rare. There can be some redness and swelling after the procedure but it gets better within a few days.

Most of the people respond to treatment very well. Generally two to three sessions at an interval of four to six weeks are required for complete recovery. We are equipped with the latest laser and IPL machines to treat rosacea and our highly skilled cosmetic dermatologist offer the best rosacea treatment in Dubai.

If you have rosacea and are tired of trying to avoid triggers and have tried all the medications without any significant results we encourage you to contact our team of dedicated dermatologists in full confidence to discuss the treatment options.

Other Services :

  • Promotion of Healthy Skin
  • Treatment of all kinds of skin allergies
  • Treatment of Acne
  • Treatment of Vetilligo
  • Treatment of Skin infections
  • Treatment of Psoriasis
  • Treatment of Eczema
  • Treatment of Hair & Nail disorders
  • Mesotherapy
  • Treatment of Superficial Venous Disorders
  • Hyper pigmentation Management
  • Hair Loss Management
  • Photo-Therapy
  • CryoTherapy
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